Giving Tuesday: Support Habitat PVD

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Whether from a beautifully cooked family dinner or a hug from a loved one you have not seen in months, the Thanksgiving season feels warm and inviting. It beckons us to gather together in gratitude for the many blessings in our busy lives. Your family is at the center of this celebration as you prepare for Thanksgiving dinner and set the table. Family is also the heart in everything we do at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Providence, and this year, our family continues to grow, thanks to supporters like you.

We have gallons of gratitude for all the friends and families joining us this year. We are inspired to continue acting urgently to build strength, stability, and self-reliance for the families we co-create housing solutions with.

On Tuesday, November 30th, the gratitude continues as our priority is to raise financial support for our new homeownership and critical home repair programs. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and volunteers, future HabitatPVD homeowners like Selamnesh and her family can come together in the name of answered prayers.

Selamnesh and her two sons have much to be grateful for as they prepare for a new HabitatPVD home. The family came to America as refugees escaping the totalitarian government in the East African country of Eritrea in 2009. After years of moving around within the United States, the family of three moved to Rhode Island in 2018. Selamnesh continues to commute to Boston for her job, often working 14+ hour days to provide for her sons, both of whom have ambitions to focus their lives around serving others. Selamnesh represents the core idea of the American Dream: overcoming obstacles and making sacrifices to obtain success for oneself and one’s family. Because of this, Selamnesh will be able to call herself a homeowner proudly. Click HERE for their full story.

With Giving Tuesday soon approaching, we ask you to support families like Selamnesh and her sons by making a gift today. We are receiving more phone calls than ever before asking for assistance to find housing or a critical home repair. Families are desperate for help as they try to navigate difficult decisions such as paying for food, paying the utility bills, or fixing the leaking roof. As the temperature drops, the elderly are at higher risk of falls and health conditions that endanger their freedom to age with safety and security.

Recognizing these needs, we encourage you to engage in Giving Tuesday on November 30th. When you make a one-time or monthly financial gift to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Providence this holiday season, you are helping ensure that a family has the opportunity to celebrate the holidays at home this year safely.

This Thanksgiving, our family at Habitat PVD is grateful for your compassion for the families who urgently need secure housing — this season and every day of the year.

Currently, Selamnesh is working towards completing her required 350 hours of sweat equity and homeownership classes. To assist Selamnesh on her journey, please consider donating today.