HabitatPVD Partners with Brown Consulting Club

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Brown Consulting Group

HabitatPVD is thrilled to announce its new partnership with the Brown Consulting Club. The BCC is a fully student-run organization with a highly motivated team, determined work ethic, and impressive mission. Their goal is to prepare students for careers in consulting by offering firsthand work experience with real companies, semester-long consulting projects, and networking events with firms. Through this club, students are able to better understand the field and develop the necessary skills in order to succeed. The BCC strives to improve equity and inclusion both within the club as well as the consulting industry. Not only does this organization internally provide resources and opportunities for students interested in the consulting profession, but their astute work and insightful results greatly benefit external companies and organizations like HabitatPVD. The club values differences in students’ backgrounds and perspectives, and firmly believes that only when every member is empowered, are they able to critically solve challenges and create a meaningful impact.

“Everyone at BCC is incredibly excited to be working with Habitat for Humanity PVD this summer. Our team members are so passionate about their research and cannot wait to share it with the HabitatPVD team. Not only is this a wonderful learning experience, but we’re thrilled to be able to help HabitatPVD further its cause of providing affordable housing to the Providence community.”

Michelle Lee
Project Leader at the Brown Consulting Club

HabitatPVD is proud to collaborate with the BCC and excited to gain professional advice, guidance, and actionable solutions. With their help, they plan to develop an analytical framework for our home improvement programs. This framework will allow HabitatPVD to monitor, assess, and evaluate the organizational and societal impacts of HabitatPVD’s home improvement work. Together, the two organizations will further the HabitatPVD mission in continuing to serve local communities by building decent, affordable housing for families, and the promise of a more livable Greater Providence for all residents. We can only succeed in affordable housing, when we all have access to it, and no individual is left behind. The BCC strongly supports HabitatPVD’s goal in taking positive and proactive steps in making decent shelter a matter of strong importance. While the two organizations may have different mission statements, they both fundamentally believe in helping others, be it professionally or personally. Educating students in consulting and providing affordable housing are the core values for these organizations. Hand in hand, HabitatPVD aims to offer these students valuable and instrumental experience in consulting, while simultaneously gaining additional ways to better serve our communities. The Brown Consulting Club and HabitatPVD hope to learn from one another and further deepen their causes.

For more information on how to get more involved with the Brown Consulting Club, visit consulting.brown.edu