The Young Professionals Chapter at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Providence

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The Young Professionals Chapter at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Providence is a group of young professionals who live in the Providence area who have come together under the focus of their love for Habitat. This group of individuals wanted to create an environment that would enable them to not only serve the nonprofit by fundraising and volunteering but also expand their personal networks in the area.

Although there are a lot of Young Professional Habitat chapters in the United States, none existed in the Providence area. Therefore, the establishment of the Young Professionals created the opportunity to serve a new community where individuals are able to step out of their office lives and both connect with others and give back.

“The purpose of HabitatPVD Young Professionals has been to bring together individuals who are equally dedicated to serving the greater mission of Habitat for Humanity as well as building our social network in the Providence area. Many of our members are new to the area and therefore the group provides great camaraderie both on and off the worksite.”

Bryan McNamara

The Young Professionals advance our affiliate’s mission in five critical areas. The first of these is volunteer recruitment, where the chapter encourages people to work on our build sites. Volunteer coordination is another component that this group targets, where the Young Professionals ensure that volunteers are fulfilled and have a positive experience so that they are retained. Fundraising
is the third element that this chapter emphasizes, which increases Habitat’s impact. The fourth area is advocacy and education which educates people on affordable housing policies and the impact it can have on families. Lastly, the Young Professionals establish a large social component that creates a space for young professionals to get to know each other on a deeper level outside of the office. This group grows friendships through their common love of Habitat.

The Young Professionals Chapter is open to anyone who has completed their undergraduate studies. The 10 to 12 members range from ages 22 to around 35, and they are looking to expand their group. If you are interested in joining, please contact Bryan McNamara at [email protected].